Ottawa Coca-Cola members ratify yearly wage increases and numerous language improvements

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May 9, 2023

Coca-Cola members in Ottawa have ratified a new collective agreement on April 30, 2023. Members will see wage increase of: Year 1 – 3%, Year 2 – 3%, Year 3 – 2.5%, Year 4 – 2.5%, Year 5 – 2.5% and Year 6 – 2.5%. The Lead Hand premium will increase to $1.00 per hour up from $0.80.

The Short-Term Disability amount increased to $650.00 monthly up from $600.00.

Other improvements include:

  • Service Technician tool allowance will increase to $400.00 up from $300.00.
  • Employees are now able to sell off up to 2 weeks of vacation entitlement for 125% vacation payout.
  • Banked overtime amount increased to 120 hours up from 80 hours.
  • There are three early retirement packages of $30,000.00 – available by seniority until the end of 2024.
  • Safety Boot allowance will increase for Full-Time to $235.00 (up from $210.00) and Part-Time $100.00 (up from $90.00).
  • The Christmas Statutory Holiday schedule will now be posted in the Collective Agreement for the next 6 years.
  • Bereavement Pay entitlement increased to four paid days for immediate family up from three days.
  • Driver medical certificates will be paid by the company $150.00 per Collective Agreement (unless employees need additional medical) paid out once per year.
  • Meal allowance increased to $10.00 per day (up from $5.00) to employees that work an additional 2 hours per day.
  • Negotiating Committee to be paid for one day off to attend Ratification Meetings and one day off for reviewing the CBA before signatures.
  • The Union to be involved when dealing with temporary accommodations for injured employees.
  • The company to meet with the Union within 60 days of the date of ratification to review market wage adjustments for driving functions.
  • Employer to meet with the Union within 30 days of date of ratification to review Lead Hand positions.

Union negotiating committee: Jim Brown, Ryan Granger, Dan Guillot and Sean Wert. Union representative: Joe Tenn

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