Orbis Canada members secure wage & other improvements in ratified agreement

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April 10, 2019

Seventy full-time employees at Orbis Canada in Toronto have ratified a new collective agreement.

The three-year term includes raises averaging 2.79% in year one, 2.72% in year two, and 3.16% in year three. Premiums paid for night shift work improve to 80 cents per hour, up from 70 cents.

Dental coverage improves to $2,000 per year, up from $1,000. Massage therapy coverage increases significantly to provide $102 per visit, up from $25. Plus, the maximum for massage therapy improves to $500 per year, up from $250. Similarly, members now receive industry standard per visit coverage for Chiropractic care, up from $25 per visit, to a maximum of $500 instead of the previous $250. Vision care now provides $300, up from $200, toward the purchase of prescription eye-wear. Employer-paid premiums to maintain the employee’s benefits will increase at no cost to the members.

Additional improvements provide three days’ bereavement, up from two days, and an enhanced safety boot allowance of $175 instead of the previous $155.

Language has been added to the agreement that the employer will recognize any statutory holiday announced by the provincial or federal governments going forward.

Members ratified the agreement on April 4, 2019.

Union Negotiating Committee: Mohammad Butt, Kevin Fabiculanan, Amarjeet Singh, Harpreet K Singh, and Union Rep Tony Nigro.

UFCW 175 members at Orbis Canada ratify new agreement

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Orbis Canada Union Steward Harpreet Singh was featured on our Instagram and Facebook pages as part of our Saturday Steward features!

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