North Park Nursing Home members ratify annual increases and more in new agreement

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March 17, 2021

Ninety-four healthcare workers at North Park Nursing Home in Toronto achieved a new collective agreement at a vote on March 11, 2021.

The members at North Park Nursing Home will receive annual increases of 1.5%. Their first increase will be paid retroactively for hours worked since the expiry of the previous agreement.

Members who are Registered Practical Nurses benefit from a Responsibility Allowance of $8 per shift when they work in the absence of a Registered Nurse on that shift. In addition, the weekend and night shift premiums improve by five cents per hour.

Language ensures that employee contributions to their health and welfare plan premiums will not increase for the term of the agreement. Also included in the new agreement is language that no longer requires employees to provide doctor’s notes.

The employer will contribute $300 to the UFCW Local 175 Training and Education Fund as well.

Union Negotiating Committee: Miranda Roberts and Union Rep Casey Magee.

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