North Bay Best Western members ratify unanimously!

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July 21, 2017

On July 20, members from Best Western in North Bay unanimously voted in favour of their new collective agreement.

This three-year deal will see increases of 2% per year across all classifications. All part-time members will receive a $50 signing bonus in the form of gift card. Wage increases will also be paid retroactively to the date of the previous contract expiry.

North Bay Best Western members

Other improvements include a decrease in the amount of time it takes to receive 5 weeks’ vacation from 17 years down to 15 years. Also, Full time members with 15 years or more service or are entitled to 2 floating holidays per year. Bereavement language improvements will now allow additional family members and also 1 day with pay for brother and sister in law, aunt and uncle. An increase in the boot allowance to $200 for full time members and part time will now receive $100. The employer’s contribution to the Training and Education fund will increase from $1000 per year to $1250 per year. Language improvements were also achieved in the discipline clauses.

The increased premiums of the health and welfare plan will be paid by the employer to maintain the current benefit level.

“The employer was looking for concessions,” said Derek Johku Union Representative. “But we are happy to say that we were able to maintain the health and welfare benefits these members currently enjoy and were also able to make some improvements.”

Negotiating Committee: Jana Jordan, Glen Talbot, Sarah Stevenson, Derek Jokhu Union Rep, Sandra Rogerson Director.

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