Norfolk Fruit Growers ratifies a new collective agreement with state of emergency language.

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July 12, 2021

The members at Norfolk Fruit Growers in Simcoe ratified a new four-year agreement on June 10, 2021. Members will receive wage increases of 3% in year one and 2% in years two, three and four.

There are improvements to the vacation language and members who have accrued more than two weeks of vacation can now book time off in single days up to one week. Additional vacation time was negotiated as follows: members with more than 20 years of service 5 weeks vacation plus one additional day per year, 25 years of service 5 weeks vacation plus 2 days per year and 35 years of service 5 weeks vacation plus 3 days per year.

Language was also added to deal with notice of public health state of emergency.

Union negotiating committee: Dave Kapel, Mike Murphy and Deb Whalen. Union Rep Dave Forbes.

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