New Pino’s Get Fresh contract secures raises & new full-time jobs

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July 26, 2019

Pino's Get Fresh employees ratify new agreementA new contract for the 98 members employed at Pino’s Get Fresh in Sault Ste. Marie includes wage increases and five new full-time positions.

The unionized employees at Pino’s Get Fresh will see raises totalling $1.10 per hour for full-time, and 85 cents per hour for part-time, over the life of the agreement. In addition, the wage grid contains language ensuring rates always stay ahead of minimum wage increases. Plus, a new premium of $1 per hour will be paid to employees required to cover for the manager position. The employer agreed to create five new full-time positions as well.

The contract includes an additional sick day per year for full-time employees, as well as an additional paid bereavement day for the death of an immediate family member. Vision care coverage also improves to provide $200, up from $100, per 24-month period.

Initially, the employer wanted to eliminate benefits from any new full-time employees hired at Pino’s Get Fresh after ratification. The Union Negotiating Committee, however, was able to maintain the existing benefit plan for new hires. Additionally, language improvements include a two-week schedule during the summer and in December, which will help employees plan around those busy times of year.

The new agreement, ratified on July 24, 2019, covers eight full-time and 90 part-time employees at the grocery store.

Union Negotiating Committee: Tom Brown, Charles Crouthers, and Union Rep Jim Hames.

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