New contract for members at Grenon’s YIG in Rockland

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February 6, 2017

On January 15, 2017, the members of Local 175 working at Grenon’s Your Independent Grocer (YIG) in Rockland achieved a new collective agreement.

Employees receive a lump sum payment following ratification of $500 for full-time, and $250 for part-time. Wages increase by a total of $1 per hour over the life of the contract, and employees receive another lump sum payment of $500 for full-time and $250 for part-time in the final year of the deal. Part-time wage progressions receive additional adjustments to ensure that employee’s wages remain above the minimum wage set by the province.

The shift premium for workers assigned as Supervisor improves to 60 cents per hour, and the premium for temporary assignments increases to $40 per week or $8 per day. Full-time employees receive an improved boot allowance of $90 per year.

New language provides Stewards with up to 15 minutes paid time to meet with new members.

Union Negotiating Committee: Stephane Emond, Michel Raymond, and Union Rep Shannon Epp.