New CLS members achieve major raise, join existing bargaining unit

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January 7, 2019

New members at CLS Catering in Mississauga join the bargaining unit with 300 existing Union members. The group ratified their first collective agreement in November 2018.

This contract achieved a major wage improvement for the employees. Previously, members received a salary with no overtime, no percentage pay on vacation, and no overtime for statutory holiday work. Now, the members benefit from:

  • hourly pay, including overtime,
  • contributions to an RRSP, and;
  • a percentage pay for their vacation entitlement.

In addition, all lieu time accumulated prior to joining the Union will be paid out in a lump sum with a 15% top up. RRSP and vision care coverage negotiated in the existing contract, will apply to these members as well as they join that bargaining unit.

The existing members renegotiated their collective agreement earlier in the fall as well. The 200 full-time and 100 part-time employees achieved the renewal after meeting in conciliation with the employer to work out issues regarding wages.

The three-year agreement puts part-time employees on the same wage grid as full-time, which results in a higher rate for those workers.

A new Cold Kitchen shift premium provides an additional $1 per hour for hours so worked. In addition, the night shift premium increases as well. Overtime will now be paid after 40 hours per week, which is an improvement over the current 44 hours.

The RRSP is 100% funded by the employer at 30 cents per hour worked for 2018. That rate increases to 40 cents per hour worked for 2019, and to 55 cents per hour in 2020. Vision care improves to provide $300 in coverage, up from $200.

Other significant improvements include a focus on weekends off for full-time employees, a better shift-bid process, and better vacation language.

Employees at CLS Catering prepare meals for major airlines and work as flight coordinators, checkers, and account managers at Pearson Airport.

Thanks to the Members who took part in the Union Negotiating Committee from both the existing and new membership groups along with Union Rep Jehan Ahamed. They were:

  • Gita Bhattarai,
  • Stanly Padavan,
  • Jibran Rakeseh,
  • Ranjit Sandhu.

The employees at CLS Catering originally gained the Union benefit when they joined UFCW Local 175 back in 2011! Read about their organizing victory here.

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