New agreement ratified in Garson at Foodland

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April 26, 2022

Garson Foodland in Garson ratified a three-year deal on March 30, 2022.

Wage improvements include:

  • Full-time Dept Managers will receive an increase of $1.10/hr retroactive to June 11, 2021, $.20/hr June 2022, $.20/hr June 2023. The end rate will be $20/hr in 2023.
  • Part-time will see the introduction of Minimum Wage Plus language to the end rate with increases of $.80/hr 2021 retro to Jan 2022, $.15/hr June 2022, $.05/hr June 2023. Part-Time will also receive a Lump Sum of $100.00 at ratification.

Eye exams will now be covered for reasonable and customary charges, part-time when moved to full time will now able to retain their vacation entitlement. The Union and the company will split the cost of meeting rooms for negotiations and the printing of the CBA.

Union negotiating committee: Alex Guindon and Lorne Romanko. Union Representative: John Beaton

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