National Corporate Housekeeping members ratify

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September 4, 2019

National Corporate Housekeeping Ratification MeetingOn August 15, 2019, the 87 UFCW Local 175 members employed full-time at National Corporate Housekeeping Services ratified a new collective agreement.



The three-year agreement contains rate increases totalling $1.25 per hour over the three-year term for those employees hired prior to ratification. New hires will receive raises totalling 90 cents per hour over the same three years.

The Union Negotiating Committee achieved the addition of a night shift premium. This item had been proposed and brought to the table at six previous rounds of bargaining, and it will now finally be part of the contract language. The premium will provide an additional 10 cents per hour, on top of an employee’s regular rate, for work completed on the night shift.

Employees with more than five years of seniority will benefit from an additional float day, bringing them to a total of three per year. These floater days may also be used as sick days at the employee’s discretion. The Union’s committee also negotiated to have shirts made of a lighter fabric available to employees for work during warmer months.­

National Corporate Housekeeping Negotiating CommitteeUnion Negotiating Committee: Julie Davis, Mike Pierini, and Union Rep John Beaton.