Mondelez workers in Toronto ratify a new agreement.

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May 11, 2021

On April 21, 2021 the approximately 250 members at Mondelez in Toronto ratified a new 5-year agreement.

Wages will increase as follows: Year 1- 2% (retroactive), Year 2- 2%, Year 3- 3%, Year 4- 2%, Year 5- 3%. Shift premiums for Saturday and Sunday will gradually increase over the five-year term. Saturday premium will increase to $1.50 per hour up from $1.20 and the Sunday premium will increase to $2.60 per hour up from $2.30.

Current employees will remain in the defined benefit pension plan and new hires beginning at the date of ratification will go into a defined contribution plan with a maximum 10% (6%from employer) contribution. Current members in the defined benefit plan will have the one-time option to switch plans if they choose.

Other benefit improvements include:

  • T.D bump up from $2800 max to $3000 max
  • Doctor’s note reimbursement from $35 to $50 and $50 to $75
  • Life insurance increase from $50,000 to $75.000
  • AD&D coverage to $50,000
  • Paramedical increase to double from $400 to $800 at date of ratification
  • Dental maximum increased from $2,500 gradually to $3,000 maximum in year 4
  • There will be an increase in orthodontics and crowns from $5000 to $6,000
  • Vision benefits will increase from $300 to $350 every 2 years and eye exam coverage will now be $100 up from $75 and improved to allow for a claim every year instead of every 2 years
  • A gradual increase in the safety shoe allowance to a maximum of $200 in Year 4

There are additional improvements to the collective agreement language regarding layoff/recall which results in a better benefit to the members. There will be an extension to the time frame of job posting windows, and a process will be introduced that the employer will assign the rightful recipient to the posted job within five days of the posting coming down. There are also improvements to the temporary job posting language.

Negotiating committee: Habil Chaker, Allan Fallow, Guy Hill, Shirley Ragona and David Rego. Union Representative Tony Nigro.

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