Molson Breweries unanimous votes in favour of new agreement

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February 6, 2023

The members at Molson Breweries in Toronto unanimously ratified a three-year agreement on January 26, 2023 with across-the-board wage increases in Year 1 of 3.75% retroactive, Year 2 – 2.25% and Year 3 – 2.25% with a $1500 signing bonus.

Starting March 1, 2023 pension matching for eligible members up to 5% starting in year 5 down from year 6. Members who continue to work past age 65 will continue to receive benefits.

Other language improvements include:

  • Members who work during plant holidays hours will be paid double time and one half and triple time for hours worked over 7.5 hours.
  • Saturday and Sunday hours are double time unless its a regular weekend shift. Those working 7.5 hours would be paid for 8 hours including breaks.
  • Shoe allowance for full-time increases from $175 to $250 each year of the term. A one-time payment for temporary workers of $175 up from $150 upon starting.
  • Training and Education Fund contribution of $1000 in each year of the CBA, an increase from $750 previously.
  • Language for Pay Equity and Minimum Pay.
  • Language for employer to provide the seniority list in January and July each year including hire dates for temporary workers.
  • Language for Health and safety – employer acknowledges and to abide by the OOHSA.

Union negotiating committee: Bill Cartwright and Glen Hannah. Union representative: Meemee Seto

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