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April 9, 2024

Metro Pembroke ratifies wage increases and numerous language improvements in new contract

Members working at Metro Pembroke unanimously ratified a four-year agreement on March 17, 2024; a first contract renewal for these workers.

Full-time workers at end rates will receive wage increases of: March 22, 2024 – $1.00, March 22, 2025 – $0.90, March 22, 2026 – $0.80 and March 22, 2027 – $0.70. Full-time members hired prior to October 31, 1986 will receive a lump sum payment of $500 in each year of the agreement. There will be a new minimum wage plus grid added for full-time workers

Part-time members will move into the minimum wage plus grids with end rate hours reduced to 5201 down from 6,501. The current part-time members who are over 6,501 + hours will also receive $350.00 lump sum payment in each year of the term.

There will be an Increase to the night shift premium to $1.10 per hour and applicable to employees scheduled past 9 p.m. when the store is open past 9 p.m. There will also be an increase to Lead Hand/ Express/Courtesy premium to 75 cents per hour and the introduction of a U-scan premium of 75 cents per hour.

Benefit improvements include an increase in STD weekly premium to $595.00 per week.

Language improvements include:

  • Vision care increased to $300.00 for both eye glasses and eye exam.
  • Increase in safety boot allowance to $125.00 annually for full-time with the option of $62.50 every 6 months and $125.00 bi-annually for part-time with the option of an annual allowance of $62.50.
  • Increase to full-time paid sick leave to 48 hours per year effective January 1, 2025.
  • Paid sick leave for part-time January 2025 – 8 hours, January 2026 – 16 hours and January 2027 – 24 hours.
  • Additional floater day for The National Day for Truth and Reconciliation in new Letter of Agreement.
  • Improved language for rest periods.
  • Reduced the threshold for employees to gain the 4th week of vacation to 8 years effective May 1, 2025.  
  • Reduced work week for full-time employees over age 50 and 15-years continuous service.

Union negotiating committee: Susan Bow, Mary Burgess and Laura Lee Giglio. Union representative: Kim Hunter

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