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May 10, 2024

Metro Greenbank ratifies wage, premium and language improvements in new collective agreement.

Metro Greenbank in Ottawa ratified a four-year agreement on April 25, 2024. Full-time members hired prior to July 14, 2014, and full-time hired after 2014 who are at end rate will receive wage increases on: March 25, 2024 – $1.00, March 25, 2025 – $0.90, March 25, 2026 – $0.80 and March 25, 2027 – $0.80.  Full-time members in the grid will move on to the new Minimum Wage + wage grid and will continue to progress through the wage scale every six months thereafter.

The part-time Minimum Wage + wage grids will have the end rate hours reduced to 5201 hours from 6500 hours with Minimum Wage + $2.25 by the end of the term. Part-time will move on to the grid where their hours place them. All wage increases are retroactive to March 25, 2024.

Other wage improvements include:

  • The student grid hours will be reduced from 2601 hrs to 1301 hours.
  • A new Assistant Meat Department Manager wage scale will be introduced with increases of $1.25/hour to the full-time Meat Cutter end rates.
  • The night shift premium will increase to $1.10 per hour.
  • New LOU: part-time employees when ordering for the floral department will receive the lead hand premium for all hours scheduled in floral.

Language improvements include:

  • Vision coverage increases $300 for eye exams and eye glasses for full-time.
  • Introduction of a floater day for the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation for both full and part-time workers.
  • Safety boot allowance increases to $150/year with the option of $75 every six months for full-time and $150 every two years with the option of $75/year for part-time.
  • Addition of grandchild to five-day bereavement entitlement language for both full and part-time.
  • New student availability for students enrolled full-time at an institution recognized by the Ministry of Education.

Union negotiating committee: Tracie Cowell. Union representative: Kim Hunter.

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