Metro Brockville members achieve wage and benefit improvements in new contract

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April 13, 2017

Metro Brockville ratification meeting

Members at the Metro Brockville ratification meeting.

On April 11, the more than 70 Members working at Metro Brockville achieved a new agreement.

Wage increases for the Members include a total of $1.20 per hour to the end rates for full-time and part-time over the term of the contract. Workers also receive lump sum payments during the life of the agreement totalling $2,080 for full-time and $1,200 for part-time. Members also receive signing bonuses of $250 for full-time, $150 for end-rate part-time, and $75 for part-time in the wage progression.

Part-time employees benefit from an improved minimum-hours guarantee and the wage grid has been adjusted to provide additional adjustments to ensure that employee’s wages remain above the minimum wage set by the province. Premiums improve to provide $1 per hour for the Night Shift, up from 95 cents, and 75 cents per hour for Receiver, up from 50 cents.

Members now receive:

  • A drug card for prescriptions,
  • Enhanced Short-Term Disability of $500, up from $450, and;
  • Improved Extended Health Care coverage of $500, also up from $450.

The Boot allowance increases to $115 effective January 1, 2020, up from the current $100.

Part-time employees who are promoted to full-time having earned additional weeks’ vacation shall carry those additional weeks with them with the understanding that the employee will then have to work all the required full-time years to gain any further additional weeks.

Bereavement leave entitlement improves to include siblings, step-parents, and step-children in the provision for five days’ leave.

Union Negotiating Committee: Alan Scott, Timothy Splane, and Union Reps Shannon Epp and Sandra Proulx.

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