Metro Beechwood members secure new agreement

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March 15, 2017

On Saturday, March 11, the more than 80 Members at Metro Beechwood in Ottawa’s east end achieved a new collective agreement.

The Union and employer agreed to open the collective agreement for early renegotiation to secure the next several years’ for the Membership during which the employer plans to invest heavily in a renovation.

Members will receive lump sum payments as follows over the term of the agreement:

  • Full-time workers at the end rate will receive lump sum payments, in three installments, totalling $1,825.
  • Part-time workers at their end rate will also receive lump sum payments, in the same three installments, totalling between $900 and $1,000.

Full-time and part-time end rates also increase by a total of $1.95 per hour over the life of the contract. Plus, those increases have been moved to December each year going forward instead of March. Full-time Cashiers/Clerks/Wrappers hired after ratification or Part-time employees promoted to such positions will receive increases totalling $5.45 per hour over the life of the contract. In addition, a new part-time wage progression ensures Members receive additional adjustments as they accrue seniority to ensure that employee’s wages remain above the minimum wage set by the province.

New language provides a shift premium of 75 cents per hour for any employee assigned to Shipping/Receiving for more than two hours.

Additionally, a new $10 key premium will be paid to the assigned employee in the absence of a manager. Other monetary improvements include a premium of 75 cents per hour for employees on U-Scan cash duty. Plus, members benefit from increases to the full and part-time safety boot allowance.

UFCW Locals 175 & 633 - Metro Beechwood Negotiating CommitteeStewards will now receive up to 30 minutes paid time to meet with new hires and introduce them to the Union. New language requires a full-time replacement job to be posted for absences of 30 days or longer.

Language improvements provide improved bereavement entitlement for the death of a sibling or step-children. Plus, there is additional language provisions for leave with regard to family caregiving.

Vision care coverage now includes laser treatment, and new language clarifies when the employer may request a doctor’s certificate.

The employer will contribute $300 in March 2017 toward the Locals 175 & 633 Training & Education Fund, with subsequent contributions of $450 per year starting December 1, 2017, thereafter.

Union Negotiating Committee: Edouard Bourque, Martine Hamelin, Mathew Parks, Luc Renaud, and Union Rep Lionel MacEachern.

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