Meta Centre Members ratify new agreement

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October 24, 2017

More than 370 members at Meta Centre secured a new collective agreement on October 19, 2017.

The parties met in conciliation to address monetary and benefits issues. The negotiating committee achieved a three-year deal, which the Membership ratified.

As a result, all full-time Members will have their seniority rolled back to their date of hire. The employer will pay lump sums to active employees of $500 for full-time and $250 for part-time, within four weeks of ratification.

All Individualized Funding (IF) employees moved on to the full-time wage grid within one year will receive an increase of 87 cents per hour effective the date of ratification. In addition, Overnight staff have a new wage grid with an average increase of between 57 cents and 66 cents per hour as of ratification. Subsequent increases for all employees then total 30 cents per hour over the remainder of the agreement.

In lieu of benefits, part-time will receive 3% on each pay. Additionally, going forward Members will receive their paycheques bi-weekly. All staff receive $250 per year for Educational purposes.

New language includes transfer provisions, fixed lines for part-time, and time limits on temporary assignments. Improvements include a reduced sunset clause and a reduced probationary period. Additional Health & Safety language addresses harassment and client issues, the introduction of an alarm/call button, and improved committee provisions.

Union Negotiating Committee: Ade Bada, Gladys Igharo, Raphael Ijasan, Webster Mwenye, Kasiobi Nwankudu, and Union Rep Melody Slattery.

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