Members in Port Hope at ABC Electro Powdercoating achieve wage increases and many language improvements

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March 10, 2023

At ABC Electro Powdercoating in Port Hope the members ratified a one-year agreement on February 17, 2023. All members will receive a wage increase of 6.5%.

Language improvements include:

  • Increase to prescription lenses and frames to $190.
  • Increase to eye exam to $50.
  • Increase in safety footwear to $110.
  • NEW – When the death of one of the listed family members occurs while an employee is on shift and the employee is notified while at work, they shall be entitled to leave work with pay for the remainder of their shift without any such remainder of the shift being considered the first day of bereavement leave pay.
  • NEW – Should any reprimand, warning or disciplinary measure be issued, the employee in question shall receive the measure and a copy of such reprimand, warning or disciplinary measure within seven calendar days of the discovery of the alleged offence, except that an extension of time may be requested in order to complete an investigation, which request will not be unreasonably denied.
  • NEW – The Company shall make a one-time lump sum payment $3500 to the UFCW Training and Education Fund.
  • The employer to pay half the cost of printing the collective agreements and meeting rooms.

Union negotiating committee: Union representative Sean Carroll

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