Members at YIG in Lively ratify wage and benefit improvements

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March 10, 2023

The members at Battistelli’s YIG in Lively ratified a new five-year agreement on February 15, 2023. These members will see wage increases to end rates of $2.30 over the term of the agreement. Full-time members in the middle of the grid will receive a $.50/hour increase at date of ratification. The part-time grid will reduce by 750 hours to achieve end rate. Lump sum payments will be paid to full-time in the amount of $700 and $350 for part-time workers.

Members will move to the CCWIPP Master Contribution Agreement, increasing the contribution rate from $0.55 to $0.75/hr. Language was removed that disqualified some full-time members from receiving benefits and we are happy to report that all full-time members will now be eligible to receive benefits.

The footwear allowance will increase to $100 per year for full-time workers.

Union negotiating committee: Jeff Dubord, Larry McKay and Darren Newell. Union representative: Richard Eberhardt.

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