Members at the London Military Family Resource Centre achieve agreement with no concessions

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September 23, 2019

Members at the Military Family Resource Centre (MRFC) in London ratified a new agreement on September 5, 2019.

During this round of bargaining, the parties requested the assistance of a Conciliation Officer from the Ministry of Labour. The employer’s position at the start of negotiations was unwilling to provide substantial monetary increases to its bargaining unit employees. Through conciliation though, the Union Negotiating Committee achieved an agreement with no concessions for the Members at MRFC.

The ratified agreement provides Members at MRFC with wage increases in each of the three years covered by the contract. The first increase of 1% will be paid retroactively for hours worked since March 31, 2019. Members will receive a raise of 0.5% in year two, and 1.5% in year three.

Improved language in the MRFC agreement provides:

  • Better bereavement provisions that increases the qualifier to a larger scale.
  • Amended hours of work to provide more flexibility for Members to adjust their schedules.
  • Enhanced grievance procedure for Members to address issues with management; and,
  • New provisions to allows Stewards time to meet new Members and introduce them to the Union and their collective agreement.

Union Negotiating Committee: Mel Joseph, Shannon Kisslinger, and Union Rep Lee Johnson-Koehn.

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