Members at Remembrance Services in Mississauga ratify three-year agreement

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December 21, 2021

On December 17, 2021, the 20 members at Remembrance Services in Mississauga secured a new collective agreement.

Members at Remembrance Services in Mississauga have ratified a new collective agreement.The Union Negotiating Committee for members at Remembrance Services in Mississauga achieved some significant improvements including the creation of two new full-time positions: Funeral Director and a Service position.

Wages will improve across all classifications and rates in each year of the agreement as well. The first-year increase of 2.5% will be paid retroactively for all hours worked since the expiry of the previous contract. In the second year, all rates will go up by another 2.5%, and in year three, members will benefit from a further increase of 2.75%. Members will also receive a $100 improvement to their uniform allowance.

Language now written into the agreement recognizes the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation as a paid holiday and members will receive retroactive pay for that day in 2021.

Further language improvements include pandemic related policies, and the agreement will now contain gender neutral language throughout.

Union Negotiating Committee: Phil Oliveres, Thomas Sherrat. Union Rep: Sabrina Qadir.

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