Members at Quinte Humane Society ratify

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May 15, 2018

Union members working at the Quinte Humane Society in Belleville have a new agreement.

The agreement contains contingencies should minimum wage increase or freeze at $14 per hour. Employees with one to three years of service receive an increase of 10 cents per hour. Those with four to five years’ experience receive a bump of 70 cents per hour. And employees with six years’ service or more receive an increase of $1 per hour. These increases are effective May 12, 2018. All employees will see salary improvements totalling an additional 55 cents per hour over the remaining two years of the agreement.

New language provides Stewards with 15 minutes of paid time to meet with new employees. Stewards can use this time to introduce new members to the Union and the benefits provided in their collective agreement. Improved language provides minimum call-in pay of four hours if the employer cancels a shift with less than 48 hours’ notice.

Vacation language improves to provide up to five weeks’ paid leave after an employee completes 18 years of service. In addition, employees can now request to start their vacation mid-week for travel purposes. This allows members more flexibility and better cost-saving opportunities when it comes to booking trips or travelling during less busy times.

Previously, members benefitted from four paid sick days per year. The new agreement now provides for five paid sick days, which can now also be used for emergency leave. Employees will receive eye exam reimbursement up to $75 every two years. Lastly, a new uniform allowance provides employees with $100 toward the cost of purchasing work attire.

Members ratified the agreement on May 9, 2018.

Union Negotiating Committee: Rebecca Belliveau,  Lynne Brightman, and Union Rep Dean McLaren.