Members at Muskoka ACS ratify wage and language improvements

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April 14, 2023

Muskoka ACS in Bracebridge ratified a three-year agreement on March 27, 2023.

Members will see wage increase in each year as follows: January 2023 – 2.25%, July 2023 – 0.50%, January 2024 – 1.50%, July 2024 – 1% and January 2025 – 1.75 % – retro to date of expiry. Significant start rate increases were negotiated of: Training – ETP from $20.60 to $27.00 and Training – Local from $25.45 to $29.00. These increases amount to 7% over the 3 years (2.25% – retro to date of expiry).

Effective January 2024: AC01 top Rate increase Merit from .82 to .85, ACO2 top Rate increase Merit from .87 to .90. The weekend night shift premium will increase from $0.55 to $0.75/hour. Part time in lieu from 5.5% to 6%.

There will be a 75% Parental Leave top up from 12 weeks to 14 weeks.

Other language improvements include:

  • Employees may elect to bank overtime hours at regular rate to a maximum of 24 hours in the calendar to take as paid time off during the year.
  • New – Regular Part Time ACOs up to 24 hours of paid absence per calendar year to be used in the event of illness or urgent personal family needs.
  • Truth and Reconciliation Day will be added to the list of paid holidays if proclaimed by provincial government.
  • Temporary LOU to maintain language that guarantees 2 full time members to be off at any given time, the employer has the ability to cancel vacation due staffing shortages at the Centre. However, if vacation were to be canceled, the employee would receive double time for all hours worked on those days.

Union negotiating committee: Kris Tytler-Barnes, Dustin Otto, and Jamie-Lea Reay. Union Representative: Derek Jokhu.

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