Members at Metro Ogilvie in Ottawa ratify wage and language improvements

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July 6, 2022

Metro Ogilvie in Ottawa ratified a four-year agreement on June 16, 2022. Increases for full-time workers at end rate will be:  Year 1- $0.55, Year 2- $0.55, Year 3 – $0.55 and Year 4 – $0.55. Part-time meat cutters will receive the same increases as full-time. In lieu of retroactive payment, full-time members at end rate will receive $700.00 and those in progression will receive $450.00 lump sum.

Part-time workers at end rate will see the Minimum Wage Plus scale increase to minimum wage + $1.90 at the end of the term. In lieu of retroactive payment part-time with 1950 hours or less worked will receive $150.00 lump sum, part-time with 4550 hours or less worked will receive $250.00 lump sum and part-time with 4551 or more hours worked will receive a lump sum payment of $350.00.

There will be a reduction in the time it will take members to reach top rate on the wage scale progression. For full-time it will be 36 months instead of 48, and for part-time clerks it will move to 5100 hours instead of 6500.

The Night Shift Premium will increase to $1.10/hour up from $1.00 for both full and part-time employees and there will be a new U-Scan Premium of $0.75/hour for both full and part-time members.

Benefit improvements include an increase to Short-term disability earnings of $595.00 weekly up from $500.00.

New – sick days introduced for part-time employees of 16 hours in January 2023 and 24 hours in January 2024.

Other language improvements include:

  • Boot allowance increases from $100.00 per year to $125.00 per year for full-time and $125.00 every 2 years for part-time members.
  • Improved Bereavement leave for both full and part-time employees.
  • Improved Uniform Allowance for Part-time employees – (3 uniforms per year up from 2 – over 16 hours).
  • Training and Education contribution will increase to $650 per year up from $300.

The National Day for Truth and Reconciliation will be added to the list of paid holidays.

Union negotiating committee: Justin Mathers. Union Representative Joe Tenn.

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