Members at Medical Pharmacies Group in Sudbury achieve new deal

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January 5, 2017

Members of Local 175 working at two locations of the Medical Pharmacies Group in Sudbury ratified a three-year agreement at a meeting held December 9, 2016.

Wages increase by 1.5% in each year of the agreement term and all existing employees as of ratification receive a $300 signing bonus.

Benefit improvements include a $5,000 maximum long-term disability benefit, up from $750, per family per year. A new drug card will provide 100% reimbursement at a preferred pharmacy. Vision care coverage increases to $250 per family per 24-month period, up from $200. Dental benefits now include 50% coverage for major restorative and increased basic coverage of 80%, up from 60%, with a cap of $1,500 for each family member per year.

Language improvements provide Stewards with 15 minutes paid time to meet with each new hire. Amended Steward language now includes an additional steward, and a new provision to permit a one-day paid leave from work for Stewards to attend Union business (I.e. Cell Training). Additionally, the uniform allowance increases by $30 per year to reach $150.

Union Negotiating Committee: Kimberly Gould, Judy Regimbal, and Union Rep Matt Belanger.