Members at Marek secure new deal

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November 6, 2017

The 97 workers at various Marek Hospitality locations in Ontario secured a new three-year agreement at meetings held in October and early November.

Wages increase across the board for both full and part-time employees by 2 per cent in each year of the contract term. The first raise provides retroactive pay for hours worked since the expiry of the previous deal. In anticipation of minimum wage increases announced by the province, the contract contains language to ensure rates stay ahead of minimum wage by at least 2% for those with at least 12 months of service.

Employer contributions toward the workers’ group RRSP increase to a maximum of $700 per year, up from $500, for those with 10 years or more of service.

Life Insurance improves to provide $30,000 in coverage, up from $25,000, effective March 2018. The employer will pay up to $25 for a required doctor’s note. Bereavement leave improves to provide four days, up from three, for the death of an immediate family members as outlined in the contract language. In addition, employees may defer one day’s bereavement for a later internment.

Improved language establishes that written vacation requests must be responded to in writing within two weeks of receipt. Additional language extends the ‘no show no call’ language to three days instead of the previous two.

Union Negotiating Committee: Judy Nickson, Dylan Venus, and Union Reps Orsola Augurusa and John DiFalco.

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