Members at Maple Lodge Farms Mississauga ratify new agreement

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February 19, 2021

On February 17, 2021, the 166 bargaining unit members at Maple Lodge Farms Mississauga secured a new collective agreement.

Through this round of negotiations, the Union Committee at Maple Lodge Farms in Mississauga requested the assistance of a Conciliation Officer to deal with an impasse over wages. The resulting agreement contains a lump sum payment plus annual increases for all employees.

The Union Negotiating Committee also worked hard to achieve language regarding pay equity, and policies regarding the use of agency workers at the plant. Members were also happy to see an increase to their allowed vacation time during the summer months.

All employees will receive a one-time lump sum payment of $500 following ratification. Rate increases mean all employees will see a raise of 3% as of the date of ratification as well. Plus, over the remaining four years of the agreement term, members will see increases totalling $1.65 per hour.

Further monetary improvements that help put money back in the pockets of the membership include:

  • Improved vision care coverage of $275;
  • An increased Boot Allowance of $150, up from $100; and
  • A new provision providing two pairs of orthotic support stockings per year.

In addition, bereavement language improves to provide five days paid leave for the death of a parent.

Union Negotiating Committee: John Guji, Len Marquez, Muhammand Minhas, and Union Rep Melody Slattery.

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Members at Maple Lodge review their agreement inside a heated tentMaple Lodge Farms Mississauga members vote on new agreementMembers at Maple Lodge Farms Mississauga sign in for their ratification meeting