Members at Maple Lodge Farms avoid strike action: Ratify new agreement

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November 18, 2016

On November 4, 2016, the 160 members of Local 175 at Maple Lodge Farms (Puddy Brothers) in Mississauga achieved a four-year collective agreement.

The ratification came one day before the scheduled strike deadline for these members.

The vote, which was 85% in favour of the recommended settlement, brings a number of improvements. Members receive a signing bonus plus a retroactive wage increase of 40 cents per hour for hours worked since October 1, 2016. All rates and classifications also increase by 25 cents per hour in the second and third year, and 45 cents per hour in the fourth year. The employer also agreed to adding an additional 20 full-time positions in the 180 days following ratification.

The negotiating committee also achieved an additional boot allowance, improved vacation entitlement of five weeks paid at 10% after 20 years of service. The agreement represents one of the best agreements for workers at a secondary poultry plant across Ontario.

“This is a superior contract that these Members worked hard to achieve,” said President Shawn Haggerty.

“Five years ago the workers at this plant joined our Union because they didn’t have a voice, and with this agreement they were able to experience the process of negotiation, and use their voices to achieve a better contract.”

Union Negotiating Committee: Kuldip ‎Deol, Cristobal Fe, Hanyan (Harry) Liu, Grupinder Puri, and Union Reps Jeffery Lu and Sam Caetano.