Members at Maple Leaf Foods in Brantford ratify new agreement.  

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May 5, 2021

On April 30, 2021 the approximately 150 members at Maple Leaf Foods in Brantford ratified a new four year agreement.

Wages will increase in Year 1 – $.65 per hour, Year 2 – $.40 per hour, Year 3 – $.45 per hour and Year 4 – $.55 cents per hour across the board for all years. Maintenance helper rate will receive a special wage adjustment of $.25 per hour in 2022. Lead hands and spare positions will get an additional $.10 per hour wage adjustment. There will be an increase to the training premium to $.35 per hour for all hours spent training employees. The shift premium increases to $.50 up from $.45 per hour.

The pension plan will transition to a defined contribution matching plan at 3% with the employer funding the first year entirely. Members can now make a claim for prescription safety eyeglasses every 24 months with $150 of coverage. For the term of the contract, the maintenance tool allowance will increase to $1250.

Language amendments include bereavement improvements, speeding up the process of filling vacancies, and good language for employees whose jobs have been eliminated from the bargaining unit.

Negotiating committee: Sharon Crosby, J.P Mackenzie, Randy Mallais and Patti Sherwood. Union Representative: Mike Mattioli.

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