Members at Lynde Creek in Whitby ratify new 3-year deal

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May 25, 2021

On May 14, 2021 the approximately 40 members at Lynde Creek Manor retirement home in Whitby ratified a 3-year agreement.

Members will receive wage increases of 2% per year in each year of the term. There will be a $.50 adjustment to the RPN rate prior to any annual increase retroactive to the expiry of the previous CBA including monies to any members who have left the employer.  There will also be an increase in the evening shift premium and the edition of a new weekend shift premium.

The amount of time required to qualify for a fifth week of vacation will be reduced. The agreement will include gender neutral language throughout and a contribution to the training and education fund has now been established.

Negotiating committee: Lisa Campbell, Charlene McSwain. Union Rep: Todd Janes.

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