Members at Imperial Parking Ottawa secure three-year agreement

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February 10, 2020

On Saturday, February 8, 2020, the unionized employees at Imperial Parking in Ottawa ratified a new three-year agreement.

The Union Negotiating Committee achieved a number of improvements to language in the agreement which will benefit the members. In terms of bumping language, the two most senior employees may now bump into any work location of their choice. This may be a higher-paid job classification if no jobs are available in their own classification. The committee also negotiated to have the number of days absent required to incur a loss of seniority increased to three, instead of two.

Other language improvements mean that employees will be entitled to any new statutory holidays announced by the government. Bereavement language improves as well to provide four days’ paid leave, up from three, for the death of an immediate family member. Vacation provisions now permit employees to use up to one week as individual days and they can begin one week’s vacation mid-week.

The employer will pay up to three days per year toward Steward training. The agreement now includes Leaves of Absence language to reflect those included in the Employment Standards Act (ESA). In addition, language regarding Greater Right of Benefit is now included in the agreement language.

Wages will improve by a total of 95 cents per hour over the agreement term. In lieu of retroactive pay, full-time employees will receive a lump sum of $250, and part-time employees will receive $100.

In addition, employees benefit from an improved progression scale of three years instead of the previous seven years required to reach end rates. Shift premiums improve to provide $1 per hour, up from 85 cents, for Training, and $1 as well for Overnight Shift, from the previous 80 cents.

Other monetary increases provide an improved boot allowance of $100, up from $80, per year for full-time. A boot allowance of $100 per two-year period now applies to part-time employees too. Previously, part-timers did not receive this allowance. The meal allowance for employees on 12-hour shifts increases to $12.50 per meal, up from $10.

In year two of the agreement term, the employer will pay $6 more per month on behalf of each employee toward health benefit premiums. This amount increases to $7 per employee in year three.

Imperial Parking Ottawa members ratify new agreement

Members ratified the new agreement at Imperial Parking Ottawa on February 8, 2020. The agreement covers approximately 45 full-time and 66 part-time employees.

Union Negotiating Committee: Roble Abdihakim, Bjama Wais Abdo, Ali Mohamed Ali, and Union Reps Jacques Niquet and Joe Tenn.

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