Members at Hagi ratify two-year contract

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November 1, 2017

Seventy-five Members at Hagi Community Service for Indepedence in Thunder Bay approved a new collective agreement in October 2017.

The health care providers are part of Local 175’s Hospital, Office, and Professional Employee (HOPE) Sector. Members provide care to adults with disabilities in the community. The parties met in conciliation. The employer would not allow any monetary increases on the table because of its lack of provincial funding. Ontario’s Local Health Integration Network (LHIN) determines and provides funding rates for this centre.

The two-year agreement, which is retroactive to October 1, 2016, provides enhanced language regarding shifts. Employees working alone, where based on stats two or more would normally work, receive double time rate for hours so worked. Where less than nine hours are available on a call-in shift, the employee called in receives a premium of $3 per hour for all hours worked during the required shift.

The negotiating committee worked to achieve advanced notice of 60 days for any reduction in full-time hours. In addition, the committee bargained a clear and defined five-step system for call-ins.

Discipline language will be null and void if the employer does not meet with the affected Member within 10 days. Additionally, language establishes bumping rights if a reduction of hours results in the displacement of full-time employees.

Union Negotiating Committee: Tammy Forsythe, Nadia Fuch, Lynne Grant, Jessica Haskell, Lisa Lavallee, Michelle Raison, Kayla Ruby, and Union Rep Colby Flank.

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