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November 16, 2018

UFCW 175 Members at G.S. Dunn ratify new agreementEleven full-time employees at G.S. Dunn in Hamilton secured a new collective agreement on October 27, 2018.

The company wanted to implement 12-hour shifts. The members of the Union negotiating committee, however, were successful in keeping the existing eight-hour, five-day work week for the membership.

Other new language ensures the company will pay lost wages for two bargaining unit members for negotiating committee purposes going forward. Also, the company will also make a $250 contribution to the Union’s Training & Education Fund.

Members benefit from raises of 2% in each year of the agreement term. In addition, premiums improve to provide 80 cents per hour for afternoon shift, 95 cents per hour for night shift. Members of the bargaining unit now receive two paid personal days per year as well.

Lastly, the boot allowance improves to $175, up from $140.

Union Negotiating Committee: James Beltrame, Oscar Simoes, and Union Rep Mario Tardelli.

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