Members at Fin-Aire secure new agreement

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July 18, 2018

Bargaining unit employees at Fin-Aire in Belleville just ratified a new agreement.

The contract includes an adjusted wage grid that applies to the first two years of the term. Some employees at Fin-Aire will receive up to $2 per hour as a result of that adjustment, depending on classifications. Employees who receive an initial increase of 88 cents per hour in the first two years will also receive an ‘equalization’ bonus. This will be paid as a $360 lump sum. Wages go up by 1.7% in year three, 1.7% in year four, and by 5% in the final year of the contract term. The new grid ensures that all rates stay ahead of minimum wage. Depending on how minimum wage advances, this could mean the lowest paid classifications could make more than $3 per hour more than the provincial minimum. In other monetary improvements, the boot and clothing allowances each improve to $80 per year for each employee.

New language ensures that employees receive continued benefit coverage during leaves of absence protected under legislation. The committee negotiated shift cancellation language to reflect the Employment Standards Act (ESA). In addition, employees benefit from a reduced sunset clause. Plus, members receive increased paid bereavement leave including a saved day for later internment or ceremony.

The bargaining unit, comprised of eight full-time employees, ratified the contract on July 17, 2018.

Thank you to Union Member Darryl Strachan who took part in the negotiating committee along with Union Rep Paul Hardwick.

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