Members at Fin-Aire in Belleville ratify significant wage increases with CPI adjustment guarantees

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February 23, 2023

The members in Belleville at Fin-Aire Inc. unanimously voted to ratify a three-year collective agreement on February 15, 2023. Members will receive increases in each year as follows: Year 1 – 6%, Year 2 – 4%, Year 3 – 4%. In addition, on January 20th in years two and three, should the CPI for the previous calendar year in Canada be greater than 4%, the 2024 and 2025 above rates shall be adjusted to whichever is greater.

The employer will supply a new vision benefit where they will provide a Vision Care Plan of 50% coverage up to $180.00 every 24 months to all employees who have at least 12 months seniority. The company will also pay 50% of the eye exam cost every 24 months to all employees who have at least 12 months seniority.

There will be an increase in the Boot allowance to $90 per year, and new language added to allow for employees to carry over their boot allowance to the next year, if unused, to a maximum of $180.00. The clothing allowance will also increase to $90 per year.

New language will provide that if the death of a listed family member occurs while an employee is on shift, and the employee is notified while at work, they shall be entitled to leave work with pay for the remainder of their shift without any such remainder of the shift being considered the first day of bereavement leave pay.

The Employer agrees to contribute to the Training and Education Fund, $200.00 on March 1, 2023 and January 15th every year thereafter.

These members were looking to achieve the addition of an RRSP contribution to the CBA. We are happy to report that we have secured that the employer will match any RRSP contribution up to $1000 per calendar year for employees.

Union negotiating committee: Darryl Strachan. Union Representative: Sean Carroll

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