Members at Farquhar Dairy achieve better vacation entitlement and more in new agreement

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May 27, 2022

On May 3, 2022, the 15 full-time members at Farquhar Dairy in Espanola ratified a new three-year collective agreement.

Members at Farquhar Dairy ratify new agreement

The Union Negotiating Committee successfully achieved more vacation time with shorter intervals between the years of service required to reach certain levels of entitlement. In addition, a new sixth week of paid vacation has been added for those members with 28 years of service.

Members at Farquhar Dairy will benefit from significant wage improvements including:

  • 3% in year one,
  • 3.5% in year two, and;
  • 4% in year three.

The RRSP-matching plan will see the employer’s contributions increase to 4.5% per year. Further monetary improvements mean that the uniform allowance now provides $500 per year. The work boot allowance will increase to $250 per year, up from $165.

Vision care coverage improves to $300, up from $200, and eye exams will now be covered up to $150 instead of $100.

The new collective agreement for the members at Farquhar Dairy also includes the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation as a paid statutory holiday.

Union Negotiating Committee: Andrew Main and Robert McCutcheon. Union Representatives: Jeff Barry and Richard Eberhardt.

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