Members at Espanola FreshCo vote in favour of new agreement

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March 15, 2017

The 27 Members at the Espanola FreshCo ratified a new collective agreement on March 13.

The five-year contract will see wages across the board increase by 25 cents per hour per year for full-time, and by 20 cents per hour for the first three years and 25 cents per hour for the final two years for part-time. A new grid ensures that part-time employees’ wages will receive an additional adjustment as they accrue seniority to ensure they stay above the minimum wage set by the province.

Vision care coverage improves to $125 per year, up from $100, and life insurance increases to provide $35,000 worth of coverage, up from the previous $25,000.

Significant language improvements provides part-time employees with five years’ service or more with one paid sick day per year.

Union Negotiators: Union Reps Jeff Barry and Derek Jokhu.

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