Members at Erin Mills Lodge in Mississauga ratify and establish a common agreement

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March 18, 2022

On February 17, 2022 a new three-year deal was ratified by the membership at Erin Mills Lodge. This will establish a new common agreement across the homes represented by UFCW with Schlegel Villages and secure a replacement facility for Erin Mills Lodge.

There will be a 1.5% wage increase across the board in each year of the agreement with a special wage adjustment for RNs for parity with Schlegel Villages ONA rates by the end of the agreement. There will be an increase to the night shift premium from $.40 to $.45 per hour.

The employer will add three cents per hour to their CCWIPP contribution effective the last pay period of 2022.

Other language improvements include new maternity leave top up to 75% of the members regular weekly earnings. Employees with 27 or more years of continuous service as of May 31st will be entitled to seven weeks vacation time off and vacation pay of fourteen percent.

Union negotiating committee: Sonia Davey, Lisa Rice and Palmy Seibold. Union Reps: Jason Hanley and Ayesha Jabbar.

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