Members at Burnbrae Farms Mississauga ratify a four-year collective agreement

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November 30, 2022

On Sunday, November 27, more than 100 members at Burnbrae Farms in Mississauga voted in favour of accepting a new four-year collective agreement.

Burnbrae Farms in Mississauga: New agreement ratifiedThe new agreement includes improvements such as gender neutrality, pandemic language, a new Letter of Understanding regarding Joint Labour management meetings, and improved bereavement leave.

There is an increase across the board to all rates and classifications of $1 per hour, paid retroactive to September 2, 2022, plus a $400 signing bonus. Members also gain an increase of 3% in each of the following years covered by the term of the agreement.

Further improvements for the members at Burnbrae Farms in Mississauga include:

  • An increased shoe allowance, from $200 to $225, and;
  • An increase to the hours in the Personal Hour Plan, which allows full-time employees to use additional hours for sick time or time off for personal reasons with no questions asked. Those hours improve from 40 to 56, and from 40 to 60 for Drivers.

In addition to the many language and wage improvements, the employer has committed to purchase two electric pallet jacks in the first year and one electric pallet jack in each of the subsequent years, for a total of five electric pallet jacks over the life of this collective agreement.

Union Negotiating Committee: David O’ Brien, Kevin McCabe, Kelon Dabreo, Joe Abdool; Union Representative: Sabrina Qadir.

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