Members at Best Service Pros ratify yearly wage improvements

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March 30, 2022

The members in Oshawa at Best Service Pros in the Oshawa Center ratified a new three-year deal on March 22, 2022. Wage increases are as follows: Year 1 – $0.80, Year 2 – $0.85 and Year 3 – $0.90. The handyman premium will increase from $1.50 to $2.00 per hour and the night premium from $0.75 to $1.00.

Language improvements include:

  • increased boot allowance from $75.00 to $100.00
  • increased bereavement from 3 to 4 days
  • addition of a 6th week of vacation after 20 years at 12%
  • National Day for Truth and Reconciliation added to the list of holidays
  • new language for JLM meetings (to address ongoing issues)
  • pay cheque errors will be paid by electronic transfer
  • extensive health and safety language will be added

The employer will pay 50% of the printing costs for the agreement, 50% for meeting rooms for negotiations and the contribution to Training and Education fund will increase from $100 to $150.

Union Negotiating Committee: Jeff Kellar, Kirk McKee, Jeff Winstanley and Union Rep: Christina Mayberry.

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