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March 5, 2019

On March 4, 2019, UFCW Local 175 members at Ball Packaging in Whitby ratified a new three-year collective agreement.

About 140 full-time Ball Packaging employees are covered by the contract, which includes a number of improvements.

Going into bargaining, employees had health and safety concerns regarding use of the palletizers. The new contract includes improvements in this area which allow for shift rotation. Other important language establishes that overtime will be offered in blocks that are less than a 12-hour shift. The employer also agreed to continue discussions regarding reserve board employees and long-term shift exchanges at upcoming Joint Labour Management (JLM) meetings with the Union.

Members at Ball Packaging will see wage increases of 2% across the board in each year of the contract term. The first increase is retroactive for all hours worked since December 1, 2018.

Effective following ratification, the company will contribute $1,600 per employee to the Group Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP). In year two, the employer will match 50% of the first $900, up from $800, contributed by each employee. In year three, the employer will contribute $1,700 per employee to the plan. Other monetary improvements include an increased shoe allowance of $200, up from $175.

With respect to health benefits, the lifetime major medical maximum increases to $100,000, and life insurance is now at $65,000. In addition, sickness and accident insurance improves to $625 per week in year two, and $650 per week in year three. Members now receive up to $500 per year toward chiropractic and massage therapy combined, and eye exams will now be covered 100% by the plan. Lastly, employees will receive a new drug card as well.

The Union negotiating committee achieved improved severance language to provide a maximum of 39 weeks’ pay, up from 36 weeks. The scope for bereavement leave also improves.

Union Negotiating Committee: Rick Evers, Dan Morris, Brent Pittman, John Steiner, and Union Rep Christina Mayberry.

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UFCW 175 members at Ball Packaging ratify new agreement