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March 17, 2021

Fourteen bargaining unit members at Aramark Sherbourne in Toronto achieved a new three-year collective agreement recently.

Members will see raises in each year of the agreement. Wages will go up by 33 cents per hour in year one, another 33 cents per hour in year two, and 34 cents per hour in the third year. First and second-year increases will be paid retroactively. In addition, employees on the night shift will see their premium improve by 25 cents per hour. Members also benefit from an improvement to the footwear allowance.

The Union Negotiating Committee achieved language improvements that allow employees to use their paid sick days to care for family members or go to appointments.

Further language improvements provide enhanced bereavement entitlement, including the addition of step-sibling to the definition of family, and a new sunset clause. Better scheduling will allow for two consecutive days off, and health and safety language provides shift coverage for workers participating on the H&S Committee.

Members at Aramark Sherbourne ratified the three-year agreement on March 4, 2021.

Union Negotiating Committee: Sheldon Colhurst and Union Rep Casey Magee.

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