Members at ADM in Windsor ratify wage increases and language improvements

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July 17, 2023

Windsor Grain Terminal (ADM) members ratified a five-year agreement on May 18, 2023. Members will receive significant wage increases of 17% over the term of the agreement.  Maintenance will receive an additional $5.00/hour above the general wage increase. Lead hand premium will be $3.00/hour and there will be a $ 1.00/hour premium for Central Operators.

A letter of understanding was introduced to allow for employees to voluntarily take a day off Monday to Friday in order to work both Saturday at 1 ½ times the rate and Sunday at double time. Workers can make this choice on a weekly basis and it is always voluntary. We were also able to avoid a continental work week, a sought-after change by the employer.

There are also major improvements to the vacation language which will allow for more flexibility for the membership.

Union negotiating committee Joanne Brohman, Tony Cervini and Bill Gibbs. Union Representatives: Jennifer Hanley and Tim Kelly.

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