Member at Metro celebrates 50 years of work

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August 14, 2018

UFCW 175 Member Celebrates 50 years of workOn June 23, 2018, long-time Union Member and Steward Jan Fulling celebrated 50 years of working in retail grocery!

She began her journey at Steinburg’s on May 6, 1968 where she was a cashier. Years later, the company changed its name to Miracle Mart where Jan continued to work as a grocery scanner. She continued through the transition to A&P and now Metro, where she continues to work to this day. Jan has been an active and dedicated Union Steward since 1970. Today she is a part-time Steward at the store in Oshawa.

On June 23, a celebration of Jan’s dedication took place at the store to thank her for all her hard work as an employee and as a Union activist.

“Jan cares for her co-workers a great deal,” said Union Servicing Rep Colleen Cox. “She always gets coffee for everyone and I enjoy walking into the store to find a fresh cup waiting for me too. And, on every Pancake Tuesday, Jan cooks french toast and grilled cheese for everyone in the store. Her appreciation for everyone doesn’t go unnoticed. She is well-loved here.”

Congratulations Jan on an amazing 50 years of providing amazing customer service to your community and care for your co-workers.