Massine’s YIG workers ratify

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September 21, 2018

Massine's YIG workers ratify: UFCW 175More than 190 retail grocery employees at Massine’s YIG in Ottawa secured a new agreement recently.

In this set of negotiations, the YIG Members’ concerns included dealing with minimum wage and the existing wage grid. The negotiating committee achieved a new wage grid for part-time employees that ensures rates always stay ahead of minimum wage. The part-time end rate will improve by 60 cents per hour as of ratification. The rate will increase by another 20 cents per hour over the remainder of the contract even if minimum wage goes up. Part-time staff also receive a lump sum payment of $250 following ratification.

Full-time employees receive wage increases totalling $1 per hour over the term of the contract, with a $500 lump sum in year two. In addition, full-time staff also receive a $500 lump sum following ratification.

The employer agreed to guarantee the existing full-time jobs for the duration of the agreement as well.

Night shift premiums improve to $1 per hour, up from 90 cents. Plus, the premium for the Night Crew Lead increases to $45 per week, up from $35.

Starting in January 2019, full-time employees benefit from a new RRSP program. Previously, the employer contributed a flat amount of $300 per year for each employee. Going forward, the employer will match 15 cents per hour worked for those with between two to five years’ service. Employees with five to 10 years of service receive matching payments of 20 cents per hour worked. Lastly, those with 10 years of service or more will see the employer match 25 cents per hour worked toward their RRSP.

Optical coverage increases by $25 to provide $175 every two years. The part-time boot allowance improves to $95 every year, instead of every other year. Bereavement entitlement now provides more paid days off for the death of a sibling as well.

The Union members ratified the five-year agreement on September 18, 2018.

Thanks to Union negotiating committee members Melody Espina and Tyler Gaskell, who worked diligently alongside Union Rep Joe Tenn and Director Sharon Kempf to reach this agreement.

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