Maple Lodge Farms Garage workers achieve new contract

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October 27, 2019

Maple Lodge Farms Garage workers in Brampton ratified a new agreement on October 25, 2019.

The new agreement contains important language ensuring Union representation is mandatory at all discipline meetings. The Chief Steward from the main plant will provide representation in all matters involving Union Representation rights. A new Sunset Clause will see any discipline removed from an employee’s record after 18 months.

This contract also includes improvements to bereavement leave entitlement and vacation scheduling enhancements.

Employees receive two increases in the first year totalling 80 cents per hour, plus an increase of 40 cents per hour in both years two and three. A final increase of 45 cents per hour will take effect on October 13, 2022. Shift premium improvements will provide 50 cents per hour as of ratification. This amount improves to 55 cents per hour in year two. Shift premiums are paid in addition to an employee’s regular rate. Employees also benefit from a better Boot allowance which improves by $75 per year.

The employer’s contributions to the employee’s pension plan will improve by 5 cents per hour worked as of ratification, and by another 5 cents per hour in October 2021.

Previously, employees hired after December 2013 paid 30% of the cost of their benefit premiums. As of ratification, only those employees with less than three years of seniority will be required to pay that 30%. In addition, vision care coverage improves by $25 per 24-month period. Dental coverage will improve to follow the 2017 Ontario Dental Association levels as of ratification. This improves again in 2020 to reflect the 2018 rates, and in 2021 it will improve to reach the 2019 rates.

Union Negotiating Committee: Jeff Smith and Union Rep John Di Falco.

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