Madoc COPE Corporation members ratify new agreement

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June 22, 2020

The members at Madoc COPE Corporation have ratified a new collective agremeent.

Back in April, in one of the first UFCW Locals 175 & 633 ratification meetings to take place under COVID-19 restrictions, the members of the bargaining unit at Madoc COPE Corporation voted via confidential mail-in ballot after reviewing the proposed memorandum of settlement in a conference call.

The results of that vote took some time but now we are happy to report that the members ratified their new agreement. The 10 members at COPE Corporation achieved a number of improvements in the three-year agreement.

Wages will increase by 1.5% in each year of the agreement. The first raise is effective as of April 1, 2020. The employer will increase its contributions to the workers’ pension plan (CCWIPP) by 20 cents per hour worked. This will effectively triple the members’ pension benefit on a go-forward basis.

Part-time employees will see increased sick leave of 48 hours per year, up from 36.5 hours. In addition, part-time employees will now receive Easter Monday and Civic Holiday as statutory holidays, which only full-time employees enjoyed previously.

A number of language improvements will provide members with improved working conditions. In particular, these improvements address payment for overnight and day field trips: members will receive full pay for time awake with clients, and half-pay during sleeping hours. Should the member be required to be awake during sleeping hours for more than four hours, they will receive full pay for that time.

Further improvements include language surrounding flex hours and the ability to take off in lieu.

Union Negotiating Committee: Amanda Hartin, Miranda Kellar, and Union Rep Paul Hardwick.

Madoc COPE Corporation members ratify

Pictured here is the Madoc COPE Union Negotiating Committee. They are wearing pink shirts to mark the International Day of Pink to end bullying. The entire round of bargaining, including meetings for the Union’s committee, took place using Zoom.

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