London PepsiCo Members vote in favour of 3-year term

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April 27, 2017

The 54 Members of UFCW Local 175 working at PepsiCo in London ratified a new collective agreement on April 23, 2017.

Over the three-year term, Members will see a number of improvements. Wages increase by 28 cents per hour in the first year, 35 cents per hour in the second year, and 45 cents per hour in the third year. In addition, all employees receive a lump sum payment of $500 in year one and $350 in year two.

Additional adjustments include 50 cents per hour above the Tech B rate for workers classified as Cartage Truck Driver. In year one, the Tech A rate increases by 19 cents per hour in addition to the regular increase. A new wage grid for employees hired after ratification ensures those workers reach the top rate in their classifications in 36 months.

Over the contract term, contributions to the pension plan increase by $2 per month for future service.

Bereavement entitlement improves to include nieces and nephews under the one-day leave provision. The existing six sick days per year may now be taken as either personal leave or sick days. In addition, any vacation weeks that become available will be offered by seniority.

The number of identified work weeks has changed: The employer will post the work weeks for employees to bid on and provide 60 days’ notice for the change. New language addresses temporary job postings and training for delivery drivers if they are laid off to work in the warehouse.

UFCW Local 175 PepsiCo Union Negotiating CommitteeThe employer will contribute $500 per year toward the Locals 175 & 633 Training & Education Fund.

Union Negotiating Committee: Brad Booy, Steve Grunsell, Steve Robinson, Ian Scanlan, and Union Rep Wendy Absolom.

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