Local 175 members at GTA Hertz locations achieve three-year contract

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July 18, 2016

The 100 members working at Hertz Canada have secured a new contract that will see them through the next three years.

Members covered by the new agreement work at locations at:

  • Pearson Airport,
  • Union Station,
  • Billy Bishop Airport,
  • Scarborough, and;
  • Hudson’s Bay.

Wages increase by 55 cents per hour in each year of the contract term. A new shift premium of 25 cents per hour will be paid for Off-Airport Vehicle Service Agents (VSAs) assigned to perform return work and ancillary duties.

Language improvements now permit more Gold Choice Customer Service Representatives to take vacation concurrently.

Short-term Disability payments double to provide $500 per week in coverage. If the company requires a doctor’s note for an absence, the company will reimburse the employee up to $20 for that note. As of January 1, 2017, the dental maximum increases by 25% to cover up to $1,250 per year for basic services, and eye glass coverage also improves to provide $300 per 24-month period.

Language regarding unused sick days now provides:

  • Up to 200% payout for those with 10 unused sick days,
  • 150% for those with five to nine unused days, and;
  • 100% for those with four or fewer.

Further language improvements address layoffs, and provide enhanced job security. This includes better job posting notice and job filling, and ensuring that no cross-bargaining unit work will be done without the agreement of the Union.

Union Negotiating Committee: James Anthony, Lily Tan, Ruddy Velupillai, and Union Rep Jehan Ahamed.