Leuschen members achieve 1st Collective Agreement

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April 12, 2018

The 196 Members at Leuschen Transportation in Timmins secured their very first collective agreement at a recent ratification vote.

Since this is a first agreement, the contract includes important representation language and provisions to prevent the employer from contracting out bargaining unit work. Other language establishes hours of work, succession, just cause, seniority, and a 60-day probationary period.

The negotiating committee achieved language for the rotation of charter work, route bidding, job postings, and grievance and arbitration procedures.

The contract includes a new ‘key to key’ payment structure that ensures drivers receive pay from start to finish of their route.

Previously, drivers only received pay from their first pick-up to their last drop-off. The minimum guaranteed shift/pay is set at 3.25 hours per day for Drivers and Monitors. In most cases, this will mean an increase of between $12 and $15 per day for those employees.

Mechanics receive a 1.7% increase per year to their end rates. In addition, this contract eliminates the previous two-tier pay structure for this classification. This means an 18% pay increase for the affected employees. End rates increase by 3% in each year for Drivers and Monitors. This is the equivalent of a total $1.50 increase by September 2019. The start rate for Monitors will be $15 per hour as of September 1, 2018, and the B Driver rate has been eliminated. All employees receive a $300 signing bonus as well.

Life Insurance and AD&D coverage is set at $10,000 for all Drivers and Monitors. The employer will pay for requested medical notes. Also, language in the contract ensures the employer will recognize any additional statutory holidays announced by the government going forward. In addition, the employer will pay snow days at 100%.

The agreement covers 180 full-time and 16 part-time employees as school bus drivers, mechanics, and monitors in the Timmins area. Members ratified their contract on April 5, 2018.

Union Negotiating Committee: Tom Kelly, Linda Lefebvre, Paulette Moreau, and Union Reps John Beaton and Matt Belanger.